Researching the HR market is the first stage of every big project. The Human Resources are important part of the business plans and having realistic expectations will facilitate the business taking the right decisions.
The HR market research is going through the following stages:


1. Identification of professionals, roles and profiles detailed descriptions
2. General research of number of people appropriate for the identified roles
3. Analysis of the general profile of people and variations
4. Talent Pool size and quality assumptions
5. Salaries size and growth expectations in time


6. Case studies and particular experience sharing (if applicable)
7. Market observations and visual data representation
8. Analysis of official statistics data
9. Competitive analysis according to specific HR field
10. Recommendations


Important part of the overall research, which gives a frame of realistic HR expectations for the local market and outlines comparissons and assumptions regarding future business goals.


To start an HR Market Research we need to collect basic data on the positions, which will be in the research focus.
We will prepare detailed job descriptions according to the local market requirements, expectations, experience and qualification.


Having the right business data will help us recommend the most appropriate local talents for your business needs. Evaluating seniority levels, experience and knowledge.


Our HR experts will consult you about the appropriate skills and qualification of the targeted candidates, important local and global quality requirements.


The number of people appropriate for the researched positions is hard to be identifyed, but we outline representative limits, which are good starting point for any recruitment activities.


Payment limits are among the most important research directions. We will provide average limits for the research specialists and their current payment and expectations.


The Bulgarian Statistics Institute maintains data of regular surveys covering the following HR aspects:
Labor Market
Short-term statistics on employment and labour cost
Annual statistics on employment and labour cost
Employees under Labour Contract – total; statistical regions; district
Average annual wages and salaries – total; statistical regions; district


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