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Manager for a Day

Manager for a Day

Horizons Bulgaria participated in the 15th edition of the initiative “Manager for a Day”

organized by Junior Achievement Bulgaria. Its main aim is to give the opportunity for an early career orientation of the young people.

The 12th grade student from First English Language School Iskra Tsankova was our Manager for a day. She is planning to study a Bachelor’s degree abroad, but eventually want to have a career in Bulgaria. Iskra is considering study Media and communications, but she always has a passion for Human resources. Recently she made a test for career guidance and the result showed that she has skills to work in the field of HR.

After her visit in Horizons, Iskra shared with us her impressions. “Human resources management is not easy and many activities are involved in the processes.” According to her, this is an advantage, because the experts have various tasks and opportunity for a long career path. As a consequence of her participation in the initiative, she definitely sees a potential career as a HR specialist.

Nikolai Nikolov, Managing Partner and Iskra Tsankova