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New Employee Onboarding Trainings

Onboarding trainings for new employees are an essential part of the process of integrating new people into an organization. These trainings aim to familiarize employees with the environment, policies, procedures, and goals of the organization, as well as provide training on specific skills and responsibilities they need to fulfill.
During the onboarding training, new employees can become acquainted with the following aspects:

Corporate culture and values:

The training can introduce the core values, beliefs, and ethics that shape the organization’s culture. This helps employees understand the expectations and adapt to them.
Organizational structure and functions: The training can provide information about the different departments and their functions, including hierarchy, communication channels, and ways of collaboration within the organization.

Policies and procedures:

New employees should be familiarized with the organization’s policies and procedures, such as security policies, leave policies, communication policies, and others that are important for the smooth functioning of work.

Managers and colleagues:

The onboarding training can introduce the managers and colleagues of the new employees, creating opportunities for acquaintance and building mutual trust. This helps new employees integrate more easily into the work environment.

Specific professional skills and responsibilities:

Depending on the position and role of the employee, the onboarding training can provide specific skills necessary for the successful performance of the job. This may include training on software tools, production processes, sales techniques, and other professional skills.
Onboarding trainings for new employees are crucial for creating a positive work experience and effectively integrating new people into the organization. They need to be well-structured, interactive, and appropriately personalized to facilitate adaptation and a successful start for new employees.

Companies invest hundreds, even thousands of hours in training new employees, guiding them through work processes step by step. They familiarize them with technologies, internal standards, and procedures. Internal onboarding training cannot be borrowed; it is always strictly individual, whether it is universally applied as a practice throughout the company or within a specific team. Internal procedures, sequence of activities, work standards, tools used, fine skills, and work culture are aspects of the internal company culture. They represent an individual work style, a corporate framework with its specificities and peculiarities.

High employee turnover, as well as countless hours invested in training and onboarding, are a huge expenditure of human time and resources, the effectiveness of which is lost in turnover.

Our trainings are in the form of video materials that reflect specific work processes of the client’s company. The videos are designed based on the client’s needs, updated, and can reflect general company processes and standards, as well as the work of a specific team or production unit.


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We will create your new employee onboarding training in the form of video materials. The videos will reflect the entire onboarding process of your business.
They will introduce your future employees to general company practices, including mandatory trainings such as:

Mandatory Trainings for New Employees

1. Personal data usage
2. Health and safety conditions at work
3. Procedures and policies according to the job

Onboarding Trainings for New Employees

1. Organization of work processes and communication tools – setting up access
2. Production activities
3. Professional activities
4. Sales activities
5. Organization of the workplace
6. Company vision, mission, values