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Iliyana Novakova for The Golden Apple of Success 2017

Iliyana Novakova for The Golden Apple of Success 2017

Iliyana Novakova: There are so many companies with opportunities for career development at the Golden Apple of Success. Defenetely it will a big missfortune if you do not participate in it!

The Golden Apple of Success 2016 gave Iliyana Novakova, a bachelor of Japanese studies from Sofia University, the opportunity to find a job. Find out how and follow her example! We look forward to seeing you on April 27, 2017 in the Alma Mater Aula.

Hello, what is your name and what is your specialization?

Iliana Novakova, Bachelor of Japanese Studies, Sofia University.


What attracted you to participate in the “Golden Apple of Success 2016”? Your three reasons to get involved were…

1)Because it is an event for philologists. 2)The opportunity to speak directly with the employer. 3) The variety of companies from different fields.

Congratulations on your career success after the Job Fair! How did your new employer attract you?

Thanks! The company attracted me with his positive attitude and respect for me as an employee. With the fact that according to its requirements it offers good remuneration and various bonuses, as well as a field for career development.

Why would you recommend your fellow students to visit the Golden Apple of Success 2017?

I would recommend it because it gives a real assessment of the market at the moment, what the demand is and how competitive we are as philologists. And last but not least – there are so many companies at the exhibition, with opportunities for development. Tat it will be a big misfortune if you do not participate in it. In just a few hours, you save days and months of searching and exploring jobs on your own – while at the Fair everything is in one place.


What is your advice to the participants in the “Golden Apple of Success 2017”?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, in fact the more you ask, the better. It is also good to think about what area you would focus on, because with such a variety of companies, an initial direction is a good start.
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