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How does the leader create an ENVIRONMENT that improves performance?

How does the leader create an ENVIRONMENT that improves performance?

Dr. Cris Wildermuth conducts a survey in LinkedIn on topic “How can you create an ENVIRONMENT of high performance”. Here he shares his preliminary findings.

It is clear, that the manager “matters”… greatly. What exactly does the manager do to change the environment and to improve performance? What works?
It is obvious that harsh disciplining and unskillfully delivered negative feedback does not work. People want to feel SAFE at work. When mistakes happen, they want to know that they can learn from them and move on. That leads to a second question “How does the leader create a SAFE environment at work?” or the opposite “How does the leader create an UNSAFE environment at work?”

Other disengaging themes identified so far:

  • Appreciation – what one does „MATTERS” to the leader and to the organization
  • Care – the organizational leadership is interested in the employees
  • Fairness – promotions and other rewards are assigned equitably and are proportionate to one’s efforts and skills
  • Moderation – the amount of work required is not so excessive as to disrupt one’s health and family life
  • Relationships – organizational politics are under control
  • Value congruence – one’s ethical values and beliefs match those of the leader and the. People want to work for people whom they respect.organization.
Autor: Dr. Cris Wildermuth, SPHR, Community Chair, Linked:HR, Group: Linked:HR