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Horizons Bulgaria on Career Fair 2017 at UNWE

Horizons Bulgaria on Career Fair 2017 at UNWE


On May 10, 2017 Horizons Bulgaria participates on the Job Career Fair organized by the Student Council of UNWE.


Hundreds of students and PhD students from the University of National and World Economy had the opportunity to meet with representatives of business companies. This happened on May 10th at a specialized career faie. Career Fair event was organized by the Student Council at UNWE and (part of Investor Media Group). Moreover with with the support of Career Center of the University. The Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc. Stati Statev personally opened the event with a welcoming speech.

The career fair was dynamic and beneficial for all sides.

The organizers of the Student Council took care of the comfort of the participants. The recruitment specialists mentioned that the students demonstrated high activity and commitment. The alumni of the university had information about the participating companies thanks to a large-scale advertising campaign by the media group and promotion by the teaching staff. As a result, they targeted their potential employers directly, thus shortening the selection process and moving on to the next level when applying for a job – a personal meeting with representatives of leading companies from various industries. Students looking for a job or internship submitted their CVs to their preferred companies. Some of them had short interviews with representatives of their HR departments.

A presentation program was organized throughout the day, which involved some of the employers. In the Great Conference Hall Hristina Ivanova, Consultant at Horizons, presented to the students the good practices for preparing a CV and cover letter. The students also received guidelines for good preparation and excellent performance at a meeting with the employer. At the end of the presentation, the young people saw visually real examples of common shortcomings when applying for a job.

Horizons Bulgaria supports any university initiative, which is a bridge between business and students – future professionals. We believe that such events help the retention and career realization of young people in Bulgaria.

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