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Slavyana Bundova: “The Golden Apple of Success 2017”

Slavyana Bundova: “The Golden Apple of Success 2017”

Slavyana Bundova: “The Golden Apple of Success 2017” is the place where students can find the job they dreamed of.


Interview with Slavyana Bundova, a participant in the “Golden Apple of Success 2016”, who shared with us her success story.

What is your name and what is your specialization?

My name is Slavyana Bundova and I am from the specialty of Modern Greek Philology.

What attracted you to participate in the “Golden Apple of Success 2016”? Your three reasons to get involved were…

In 2016, the Golden Apple of Success Fair was an event for students from the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology. However this attracted me in the first place. At that time I was a fourth-year student looking for a job in the specialty I was graduating. So I found an opportunity to meet employers from different fields. Moroover I got acquainted with the various professional applications in foreign languages ​​that I speak.

Congratulations on your career success after the Fair! How did your new employer attract you?

At the fair I met a representative of my new employer, an international company in the field of online payments. I was impressed by the various activities of the company. I knew that this was the perfect place where I could not only practice what I had already learned, but also gain a lot of new knowledge.

Why would you recommend your fellow students to participate the Golden Apple of Success 2017 Fair?

I would recommend my fellow students to visit the Golden Apple of Success 2017 , because this is a place where they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with their future employers and find the job they have dreamed of.

What is your advice to the participants in the “Golden Apple of Success 2017”?

I would advise all participants to take advantage of the experience they can gain and be ready for new experiences, because they will certainly find employers who expect exactly the same person as them in their team.