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Corporate intrapreneurship event

Corporate intrapreneurship event

Horizons Bulgaria and Founder Institute have the pleasure to invite all CEOs and HRs to a special event in Plovdiv, dedicated to Corporate Intrapreneurship on September 26, 2017.



16.30 – 16.45 – Registration and coffee. Opening and Welcome, Plamen Panchev, Industrial Zone Trakia, Nikolai Nikolov, Horizons Bulgaria
16.45 – 17.15 – What Corporations can Learn from Startups about Innovation – Milen Ivanov, Founder Institute
17.15 – 17.45 – Intraplementation, Georgi Milenchev, Founder Institute
17.45 – 18.00 – Discussion panel with the speakers
18.00 – 18.30 – Closing. Innovation networking and drinks



HR Group Plovdiv
CEO Club Bulgaria


The Opportunities and the offering

How do you inspire your best employees to solve real business challenges? How do you foster technological innovation within your organization? How do you keep your most talented people engaged?
The Founder Institute intrapreneurship offering answers all of these questions. Your employees enroll in our 3.5 month training program, where they learn best practices on building a business with technology at the core. These “intrapreneurs” are pushed to solve real problems faced by your company. The employees develop their ideas and solutions outside of business hours, during the nights and weekends. Approximately 75% of the employees will have ideas that can be integrated into the parent company as a business unit or process improvement, and 25% will propose solutions that have the potential to be stand-alone companies that partner with your organization. You can even explore taking equity in these businesses. Everyone comes out of the program excited and invigorated with innovative technology solutions that drive business results.


Employees become “intrapreneurs” and solve real challenges faced by your company using technology. The technology solutions that result can be integrated into the parent company through process improvements, new business units or spinoffs.


Your top employees will get invaluable life training while working on ideas that they are passionate about. The intrapreneurs return to work as inspired and engaged innovators.


The Founder Institute provides team building assignments that will force your employees to think outside the box, gives them management skills and fosters new competencies that your business will benefit from.


Your organization will be listed as a sponsor with prominent branding seen by aspiring entrepreneurs, established technology leaders and the entire ecosystem of innovators.


From Idea to Product in 14 Weeks


The Founder Institute runs an intensive program that conditions people to think and act like successful technology company leaders. Once a week at night, three CEOs come in and talk to enrolled Founders about a key area of expertise needed to run a startup. Then, Founders go out and actually build their business following a roadmap of company­building assignments. The Founders are divided into Working Groups of their peers to share expertise and insights. The combination of CEO mentorship, a structured approach and experienced peer exchange leads to great results.


How to develop viable ideas that change the world?

  1. Research and Customer Development
    What techniques are needed to validate your idea?
  2. Revenue Models
    How to develop a viable revenue model?
  3. Naming and Positioning
    What is an enduring name for a business?
  4. Mentor Idea Review
    Is the business ready to continue in the program?
  5. Startup Legal and IP
    How do you set up a company correctly?
  6. Team and Advisors
    How do you attract team members?
  7. Product Development
    What are the best practices to build technology?
  8. Mentor Progress Review
    How can the company and product be improved?
  9. Sales and Traction
    What are ways to start earning revenue now?
  10. Branding and Marketing
    How do you establish yourself as a market leader?
  11. Bootstrapping and Fundraising
    What are ways to bootstrap and then raise capital?
  12. Graduation / Demo Day
    Meet investors and customers


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GEORGI MILENCHEV + 359 (885) 698 841
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