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Chatbot is a software solution that simulates conversations with a human. It communicates with candidates/clients and responds to the most frequently asked questions, using text, video, photos, audio, links and other elements of communication. Chatbot also automates other processes by integrating external applications, programs and platforms.

The chatbot can be an effective assistant to the recruitment specialist, assisting the process of initial communication with the candidates.

Horizons Bulgaria provides the opportunity of creating H.bot for you – chatbot tailored to the particular clients’ needs and processes. It will help to optimize the time and expenses, make you more innovative and increase the value of your employer branding.


  • Reduces the costs of the initial screening of job applicants
  • Reduces the time and optimizes the selection specialist’s functions to focus on the subsequent personal meetings with candidates
  • Automates the logistics of the individual interviews
  • Provides access to company information / open positions 24/7
  • Improves the company’s image by giving attention and prompt feedback to the candidate


  • A user-friendly tool which gives useful information about companies’ activities, vacancies, working conditions, benefits, and so on.
  • Access to information 24/7
  • Fast, easy and convenient navigation
  • Fairness in collecting general information about the applicant’s professional experience and priorities


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