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Creating and managing an online media Organization of an online campaign for popularization of the brand Optimization of the brand Optimization of the websites Definition of the target groups and the messages Send us a request for Training  

Management trainings

Main functions of the manager Giving and receiving a feedback Tasking and assignment of tasks Performance evaluation Coordination Encouragement for participation Conflict management and making compromises Support of the communication and active listening Setting and incorporating performance standards Building a trust and engagement Staff Evaluation Attestation

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Team development

Building and solidify the team Getting to know the members of the team Group dynamics Identifying group’s roles Team efficiency and making decisions Elaborating of group goals and values Self-leading groups- shared leadership Effective group communication Methods for making group decisions Allocation of responsibilities Conflict

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Organizational trainings

Organizational culture Building and organizational culture Methods of analyzing the organizational culture Incorporation of different practices in the organizational culture Elaboration of a complete strategy Creation of vision, mission and values of the organization Creation of an organizational strategy Creation of a strategy of the

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Personal development

  Conflict management Definition of personal strategy for resolving conflicts Definition of the causes of conflicts Changing the overall attitude towards conflict situations Understanding the essence of conflicts Build the right approach during a conflict Time management Increasing the personal efficiency through time management Systems

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2009 Summer Training Prices

SPECIAL SUMMER PRICES FOR TRAINING SERVICES In August Horizons offers a special price – 700 EURO for a training day.

Administrative Skills Training

Due to the enormous interest in the Administrative Skills Training the Horizons’ team will conduct this open training once again on 25th – 26th April 2009 at Forum Hotel, Sofia. You can find more detailed infromation in Section Trainings/Open Trainings in our site.