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Best practices and case studies for temporary staffing


  • Projects with duration from 2 to 18 months. In this case, there are meaningful expenses for recruitment and selection of the staff.
  • For occasional or longer marketing activities, for merchandising and promotional projects, sales representatives, etc.
  • In campaigns for data entry, information collection by clients, registration, etc.
    Sociological surveys, marketing studies, interviewing, focus groups.
  • Reception desks and administrative functions.
  • Non-specific bank and back office functions, forwarding and courier services, central administration.
  • Accounting and payroll services.
  • Staff and recruitment officers involved in personnel selection in extraordinary campaigns and large projects.
  • Projects for interim management or temporary confidential hiring of management staff.
  • Productions and industries with low health and safety risk for the personnel. Temporary activities with no requirements for long term staff qualification to be performed normally.

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