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Trade Academy

In a dynamically growing sales environment, it is crucial that traders get the knowledge and skills in order to secure the profits of the organizations for which they work for. The purpose of the current Academy is, in a detailed way, to make the traders

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Communication Academy

It has always been clear that communication between people is the most important aspect of the working process.   The Communication Academy refers to organizations that want to change completely the way of communication, both personally and at an organizational level. The academy combines all

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Academy for managers

Management of people is one of the most difficult and responsible tasks faced by organizations. For the management to be assured that their young managers will lead their business to success, they have to be well – trained before jumping into the challenge of being

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Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy sets the goal to assist the transformation of the managers into conscious leaders. For this purpose, they have to pass through the process of personal development and unify their understanding of what it is like to be a manager and a leader,

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Coaching academy

Have you ever asked yourself, “What have I tried to change in myself and in my way of acting, in my work, in my life during the last year?” People who have participated in coaching can answer this question.   The term “coaching” is much

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Recruitment and introduction of new employees

A recruitment process usually takes around 2 months, taking the time of recruiters and managers. Unsuccessful recruitment process selection takes 3 times longer. More and more companies are looking for well-trained staff who are able to provide good annual profit. Nevertheless, it is clear for

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Trading skills

Main trading skills Trading strategy for dealing with client’s disagreement Expert commercial skills Management of the relationship with key clients Creation and presentation of commercial presentations Presentation skills for traders Conducting business negotiations Reaching excellent service Management and maintenance of the relationship with costumers Restoring an

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Creating and managing an online media Organization of an online campaign for popularization of the brand Optimization of the brand Optimization of the websites Definition of the target groups and the messages Send us a request for Training  

Management trainings

Main functions of the manager Giving and receiving a feedback Tasking and assignment of tasks Performance evaluation Coordination Encouragement for participation Conflict management and making compromises Support of the communication and active listening Setting and incorporating performance standards Building a trust and engagement Staff Evaluation Attestation

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Team development

Building and solidify the team Getting to know the members of the team Group dynamics Identifying group’s roles Team efficiency and making decisions Elaborating of group goals and values Self-leading groups- shared leadership Effective group communication Methods for making group decisions Allocation of responsibilities Conflict

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