Horizons changes its legal name

At the beginning of September JS Management Serives Ltd. has changed its official legal name in the trade registry to Horizons Bulgaria Ltd.

Initiative for Bulgarians abroad

Bulgarian Expat Managers and Experts Wanted! Horizons will be proud to get in touch with all Bulgarian professionals that are working abroad on management positions. They are good at what they do and are considering the opportunity to come back home!

New office in the city of Ruse

Opening a new office in the city of Ruse In order to develop our branch network, Horizons acquired a new office in the city of Ruse. Companies from various business domains may count on the high competency, understanding and professionalism of our consultants in the field

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Company team building

Company team building Between 20th – 22nd of September the teams of the closely cooperating companies Horizons (together with the representatives of all Bulgarian offices), Jordan Sheppard and Human Synergistics performed a team building in the city of Velingrad.