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How to find a better job in Bulgaria ? 

Read about that in Milen Ivanov's new book.


Milen Ivanov, Managing Partner in Horizons on TV 7 about finding a job without speaking a foreign language.

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Interview with Milen Ivanov, Managing Partner in Horizons, in the morning show of BBT about Headhunting in Bulgaria.

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If you represent an employer company interested in our services, please fill in the data about you and formulate your request for recruitment or other service. We will offer you our presentation materials and initial consultancy to help you clarify your need of HR services.

After the exact definition of the searched position and the successful candidates profile, the appropriate recruitment methodology, deadlines and volume of required work, you will receive a specific offer that will include price, terms of payment and business, delivery period and guarantee.

In order to get the best HR need analysis and offer, we strongly encourage a face-to-face client meeting if it is possible or alternatively a telephone conversation with one of our consultants (+359 2 963 43 23).


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